We realize the value that well-educated, experienced personnel bring to the process of establishing mutually beneficial client relationships. The decision making required to select an experienced, reputable tax advisor must, of necessity, demand nothing less. Our members, therefore, present not only strong academic credentials and diverse professional backgrounds, but comply with all continuing professional education requirements in their respective areas of expertise.

We also appreciate the importance of continuity in preserving such long-term relationships and the comfort that clients derive in knowing their requests/inquiries will be addressed by professionals familiar with their needs. Our team approach to account management and support, thus, strives to give all our clients the full benefit of each professional's specific expertise.

Richard T. Werner, CPA
[Founder and Member]

Richard Werner entered the public accounting profession in 1978 and, thus, offers a broad range of tax, accounting, audit, and financial management experience. Mr. Werner has specialized in providing tax-related services to taxpayers and business entities of all types, conducting audits and reviews of commercial and not-for-profit organizations, and assessing financial management systems, procedures, and controls. Mr. Werner has served in the capacity of Co-Director, Partner, and Treasurer for both small and large organizations, respectively. Consistent with founding objectives, the primary focus of Mr. Werner’s attention now encompasses the areas of tax planning, preparation, and review coupled with helping small to mid-size businesses make better informed decisions given the multitude of tax and accounting alternatives available under prevailing rules and regulations. Professional Memberships: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA), Education: Rider University (BS Degree, Accounting).

Nancy L. Duncombe, CHFP
[Founder and Member]

Nancy Duncombe, while initially engaged in expanding a base of healthcare management competencies, subsequently entered the field of financial/operational management in 1986. Ms. Duncombe, thus, offers a wide range of discipline-crossing experience in evaluating financial management systems/structures and controls; developing operational policies/procedures and guidelines; and implementing quality assurance measures in both commercial and not-for-profit environments. Over time, Ms. Duncombe has provided these services in both Program- and Co-Director capacities -- both locally and abroad. To comply with prevailing federal regulations and enforce safeguards related to same, Ms. Duncombe is now primarily focused on facilitating the substantiation and flow of data from client to e-file repository and ensuring compliance with all tax preparation and review cycle controls. Professional Memberships: Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA), Education: George Washington University (BA Degree, Communications), University of Virginia (MEd Degree, Education), Loyola College-Maryland (MBA Degree).